Oral Health and Pregnancy

Oral Health and Pregnancy

Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies

Pregnant women’s oral health and healthy babies -- there's a direct link. 

A mother-to-be who suffers from periodontal disease is eight times more like to delivery prematurely, or have a low-weight baby. Such moms face increased risks of heart disease and diabetes, and risk spreading their infection to their children. 

Pregnancy also makes women more susceptible to plaque build-up, tooth enamel erosion due to nausea and vomiting, cavities from indulging in cravings for sugary and starchy food, and benign growths in their mouths.

Pregnant? Here are some tips: 

And for health care providers:

Medicaid and FAMIS MOMS Dental Coverage for Pregnant Women 

Effective March 1, 2015, Medicaid and FAMIS MOMS will cover comprehensive dental care for enrolled pregnant women. 


Pregnant Women: 

View more information about Medicaid and FAMIS MOMS dental benefits for pregnant women.

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